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If you’ve ever struggled to grow plants indoors or outdoors, you know how much time, money, and patience it can take to grow them. If you have children, you have even more reasons to grow plants—as many children love seeing photos of plants growing. To grow plants faster, you can buy LED grow lights such as BESTVA Led Grow Lights, which are much better than other forms of indoor lighting.

About BESTVA Led

The BESTVA Grow platform has been the industry leader in the LED lighting industry for over a decade. In that time, they have evolved from a small startup company to a global company with over 5,000 employees and 30 plus business units. They strive to provide a wide range of LED grow lights that will meet all your needs. They specialize in commercial outdoor and indoor LED grow lights.

The BESTVA brand focuses on producing the best LED grow lights with the newest technology. We source the highest quality diodes, drivers, control systems, aluminum coolers, and accessories. They manufacture and distribute the proofed and tested BESTVA Grow LED Grow Lights & Quantum Boards, and they supply them to all our customers and distributors.

These lights are used by those who want the BESTVA Grow, the guarantee that is all about Quality, Service, and Trust. The BESTVA Grow philosophy is that once you choose the company, they will provide you long term services and support. They will provide you with the best quality and at the lowest price.

BESTVA Best Product Review: BESTVA Double Chips 2000W LED Grow Light

For us, the best – and most expensive – LED grow lights would be the ones that are designed to produce the most. That’s not to say that the lower-priced ones aren’t worth your time; they’re just not designed with the same mindset of how to produce the best possible crop. The BESTVA Double Chips 2000W LED Grow Light is an affordable, powerful, compact grow light that offers the perfect combination of light intensity and color spectrum to produce lush, robust cannabis crops.

The Pros

The BESTVA Double Chips 2000W LED Grow Light is one of the several LED grow lights. It’s metal construction, and the LED panel is made of highly efficient LEDs. Unlike traditional grow lamps that have a dark metal base, these have a clear plastic base that allows for a better view of the plants. Here are the other pros that this product has:

  • Has the suitable color spectrum that plants highly need for their growth
  • The lights have better reach and penetration compared to other products
  • Has an effective and wider coverage; it can reach up to 4×4 ft maximum.


The BESTVA Double Chips 2000W LED Grow Light proves that you don’t have to pay a fortune to get great light. It’s equipped with an advanced yet simple system from start to finish, from the best heat management system to the highest quality LEDs.

The Cons

The biggest drawback of the BESTVA Grow Light is the exaggerated claims on the website and on the box of the product. BESTVA claims that their product is the “World’s Most Powerful LED Grow Lights, for growing any type of plant, indoors or out.” I would like to believe that is true, but I am not sure if the extra power and the more expensive mounting system (which costs much more than the bulbs) are necessary to make this claim true.

Who should use BESTVA Grows product?

Lights are a core component of any indoor garden, and growing plants with them is a great way to supplement your outdoor garden with fresh food. The problem is that a lot of home gardeners have been led to believe that the light from standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow light is the only way to go. In fact, there are many other types of grow lights that can provide a better quality of light for your plants, and these led grow lights from BESTVA are a great choice for those who want the benefits of LED lighting without the price tag.

The jury is still out on whether LED grows lights are the next big thing among gardeners and growers. Some swear by them, while others warn against them. But there is one thing we know for sure: LED grow lights have become increasingly popular since they are significantly cheaper than traditional grow lights. But it doesn’t matter how cheap the lights are if they are not properly used.

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