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Individuals who are into hydroponics, urban farming, greenhouse production, medicinal crops, or small-scale production need lights. However, they cannot just be any lights. Instead, they must deliver a specific light type necessary to boost healthy growth and development.

Recently, LED grow lights have become more popular among growers. However, finding the right set of LED grow lights can be challenging, particularly for people who have never used them before. With so many brands out there, the selection process can be a little daunting.

This post will help you get familiar with one of the trusted names in LED grow lights – Gavita LED Grow Lights. Let’s get started.

Gavita LED Grow Lights - Overview

Gavita is one of the popular brands when it comes to indoor and horticultural growing industries. The company produces some of the most powerful and highest quality grow lights. The Gavita products may be new on the market, but they have already captured the attention of the indoor gardening community.

The company has been placing a strong emphasis on innovation for over 30 years. They have been serving all horticultural areas globally from their sites in Norway, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and the Netherlands. They handle projects of all sizes with more than 100,000 fixtures and serve professional, research, and retail horticultural markets.

Gavita Pro Line LED Lights

Gavita continuously develops fixtures to maintain high standards in efficiency, quality, functionality and return on investment. After they have entered the LED arena, affordable LED grow lights became available combined with high efficiencies.

Here are some of the popular LED grow light products of Gavita:

Gavita Pro 1700e LED

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is designed to provide more usable energy to grow while using less power. As a full-term light fixture, it delivers energy-efficient and consistent results.

Gavita UVR LED 

The Gavita UVR LED is specially designed to fit into the Gavita Pro 1700e LED chassis seamlessly. It includes a daisy chain cable, allowing the users to connect multiple fixtures quickly, whether UV spectrum is used independently or boost the combination of Gavita Pro 1700e LED and UV output.

Gavita Pro 900e LED

The Gavita Pro 900e LED is one of the top options for indoor growing, where the distance from the canopy and ceiling height are critical in the environment. It features an eight-bar configuration and is ideal for over benches, vertical racks, low rooms, or tents.

Gavita CT 1930 LED 

The Gavita CT 1930e LED is designed alongside a footprint to fit in the current HPS layouts seamlessly. It provides a serious growing power in addition to high energy efficiency.

Gavita LED Grow Lights Pros and Cons

The LED grow lights produced by Gavita are world-class regarding reliability and performance. Growers can rely on the company when getting the best value for money because of an excellent return on investment and affordable pricing.

However, just like other products, Gavira LEDs also come with advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what these are will help growers determine whether their products are suitable to their gardening needs.


Greater Efficiency 

The best-known advantage of using Gavita LED grow lights is the efficiency of each lighting system. These LEDs are more energy-efficient than traditional HID lights, which results in lower utility costs.

Longer Lifespan 

Gavita LEDs last longer than other brands, depending on the particular LED model. If the growers’ main concern is longevity, they can rely on Gavita.

Cooler Temperature 

Gavita produces LED grow lights that do not give off too much heat. As a result, the operating temperature in the grow room or greenhouse is not affected. Plus, the LEDs get rid of the need to install cooling systems.

Target Wavelength 

Gavita LED grow lights allow the growers to regulate light wavelengths. In other words, the plants can get the exact light necessary for photosynthesis. 

Responsive Customer Service 

Gavita is also dedicated to providing a dependable customer service team every time their customers have questions or inquiries. Anyone can expect a quick response and helpful answers from the customer support team.


High Purchasing Cost 

Some people may find Gavita LED grow lights pricier than other brands or HID lighting systems. While they are a good investment, the cost is significant to those on a tight budget. 

Aging Effect

The LED diodes start to change color over time. They may have a long lifespan, but they may fail to produce expected light quality consistently as they age. 

Are Gavita LED Grow Lights Worth the Money?

Gavita has a deep understanding of every grower’s everyday challenge and practice with strong positions in the horticulture and indoor growing industries. So, they know exactly what products they need.

The company specializes in developing a reliable and efficient LED grow light. Each LED comes with an impressive set of functionalities and features that can match the demanding needs of the growers. 

The LED grow lights may come at high price tags, but no one can underestimate the advantages they deliver. Growers may purchase them at high costs, but they can save over time. That is because the LEDs have a longer lifespan than others and require less maintenance and repair needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Gavita creates products dedicated to the needs of those in the indoor and horticulture sector. The LED grow lights are of high quality with helpful features. Despite the high price range, many growers still go for them because of the satisfying results. The products may be a bit pricey than other brands, but they can save over time and enjoy the advantages for a long time. 

Growers can produce higher yields than before with Gavita LEDs. Each product comes with unique design, purpose, and features. So, anyone can easily find which one is suitable for their gardening needs. If they have questions about the products, the customer service team will answer them as quickly as possible. 

Gavita LED grow lights can be a practical addition to your investment if you are serious about your hydroponics or indoor growing. 

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