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Quality grow light is essential to growing your indoor plants. With it, you have assurance that you can have healthy garden plants. It is the best alternative light, especially in the winter and other weather. Are you an aspiring indoor grower? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Among the most popular LED grow lights on the market is the Mars Hydro LED grow lights. Is this the best grow light for your plants? Read more to know about this grow light.

About Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro is among the trusted, and top manufacturers of LED grow lights. They have been providing quality LED grow lights since 2009. The company is composed of a team of designers, researchers, production engineers, developers, and testers, so you have peace of mind about the quality of their LED grow lights. 

The Mars Hydro is a manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. It is a global shipper and has warehouses in the UK, US and Australia. 

They are committed to offering excellent quality products for their valued customers. All their products are RoHS and CE certified. Some of their specific products come with ETL certification. With these certifications, the products they offer have passed rigorous safety testing. In addition, it doesn’t have hazardous materials. 

The company continues to evolve to enhance its products and services in the industry. They are committed to giving leading-edge technology and advancements to meet the needs of their customers. Mars Hydro provides comprehensive options of LED bulbs and panels in different sizes. 

Best Products of Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro offers quality products. Some of their best-selling products include the following:

TS Series 

If you’re budget-conscious, the TS Series of Mars Hydro is the best option. It comes with a patented reflector design for maximum efficiency of the light sources. It has an affordable cost and reliable performance, making it the best-selling series of Mars Hydro. 


  • High efficacy, so you can harvest up to 2.5 g/w
  • It comes with a white-color full spectrum that gives artificial sunlight for the whole grow cycle
  • Features SMD chip technology that enables minimum 5-year service life, so you can save about 30% more energy than traditional grow lights
  • Aluminum reflective hood the lowers light lost to walls and aisles, boosting the light intensity up to 20%
  • It has a daisy-chain dimmer that allows you to adjust brightness and wattage from 10% to 100% by one knob


Extremely bright, which is bad for your eyes

FC Series 

The FC Series of Mars Hydro is considered the best commercial LED grow light


  • High PPE that can grow yields up to 2.5g/w
  • Daisy-chain function to adjust lightness from 10% to 100% by one knob
  • 180-degree foldable function making it flexible, small, and easy to install
  • It comes with Osram and Samsung chip for best efficiency
  • IP65 waterproof feature that allows you to operate in wet surroundings safely
  • Big aluminum heat sink that boosts passive cooling efficiency by 30%


The lights can get pretty hot

FC – E Series

The FC -E Series by Mars Hydro can be your cost-effective LED grow light. It comes with unique light chips arrangement for even light distribution. In addition, it has a detachable light bar that allows you to design your desired lighting system. 


  • High PPE that enables you to harvest up to 2.5g/w
  • Flexible design, it has removable light bars and a driver to make lights more convenient 
  • It comes with new chips layout for quality yield and a more uniform crop
  • IP65 waterproof feature, so you can operate in wet environments safely
  • Daisy-chain function that allows you to adjust lightness from 10% to 100% by one knob
  • Removable driver and light bars for more convenient and flexible lights
  • Dismountable Meanwell or MOSO driver 
  • Big aluminum heat sink that boosts passive cooling efficiency by about 30%


  • Some complaint about its short lifespan

SP Series

Mars Hydro’s SP Series is the highest penetration LED grow light. It is ideal for single canopy, tall plants and greenhouse supplements. 


  • IP65 waterproof offers safe operation in damp surroundings
  • It comes with a daisy-chain dimmer that enables you to adjust brightness and wattage from 10% to 100% by one knob
  • Features thick aluminum fin heat sink that boosts passive cooling efficiency by 30%
  • High red spectrum, which is ideal for the flowering stage
  • Dense LEDs arrangement on a single light bar is beneficial for indoor plants through intensive penetration
  • Long lifespan and high efficacy with its Samsung diodes and high PPE that allows you to harvest up to 2.5 g/w
  • It comes with a 3-years warranty and a 30-days money-back guarantee


  • Lights can get very hot

Full Grow Tent Kits

The Mars Hydro Full Grow Tent Kits are perfect for beginners.


  • Includes grow tent, LED grow light, carbon filter, fan, hygrometer, grow nets and aluminum PVC ducts
  • Equipped with high-quality 1680D canvas, double-stitched, tear-proof, along with locking light inside, heavy-duty zippers and no light leak
  • Complete ventilation system to provide enough airflow for plant growth
  • Advanced LED grow light that uses the latest SMD technology for extending the service life of grow lights
  • Hygrometer and dimmable lights that help you to have better control of your plants 


  • Extreme bright light that is not good for the eyes

Grow Tent 

Mars Hydro also offers a grow tent. It is made from firm, durable and no light leaking 1680D canvas. There are various sizes of a tent to match different planting scenarios.


  • Removable waterproof trays that help you clean up dirt
  • Mesh window for easy observation of the growth of your plants
  • High-quality tear-proof, 1680D canvas and double-stitched heavy-duty SBS zippers lock light inside for energy-efficiency
  • It comes with durable and firm metal corner adapters and poles that offer 140 pounds of support for grow tents
  • Double-sleeved ventilation holes that allow heat and air to circulate for enhanced plant growth
  • Fast tool-free installation that will save your time


Need to adjust the height for best results 


To sum it up, Mars Hydro is a reliable company that can offer you excellent LED grow lights for your garden. With that, your plants can grow healthy through a safe and quality lighting system. 

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