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You have already started building your greenhouse. That’s good. Perhaps, there are already irrigation or drainage, ventilation systems, artificial shades, and climate control units. Now, what else does your greenhouse require? The lighting systems are the other materials you cannot afford to ignore. 

What type of lighting should you invest in? There are two most popular options you can consider and weigh in mind. These are the conventional lighting and LED grow lights. Which is better? Traditional lights are inexpensive, energy-efficient, easy to find, and long-lasting. Unfortunately, they have limited spectral wavelengths and emit a high amount of heat. LED grow lights, on the other hand, have taken the world by storm because of their incredible features. Like conventional lights, they are energy efficient but eco-friendly. They also excel in the durability department. Experts say they have a life span of around 102,000 hours. People also switch to LED grow lights as they speed up plant growth rate without compromising quality yields. 

But what brand of LED grow lights do you deserve and should take advantage of? With the variety of options out there, you are probably overwhelmed with what product you should choose. Say bye to that inconvenience with these Platinum LED grow lights. 

About Platinum LED

When looking for grow lights, you want the best and here’s Platinum LED that can go beyond your specific needs and unique requirements.
Based in Kailua, Hawaii, Platinum LED is an American company that has been providing premium quality grow lights that people deserve.
Serving the industry for years now, Platinum LED proudly offers one of the widest collections of top-notch products, ranging from p-series, cooled rack series, XML series, and more, making your selection or buying process easier than expected.
They do not have a competitive rate, though. If you want to cut costs and acquire huge savings, Platinum LED will not be a good choice. But for those who prefer a grow light that lasts for years, nothing can beat Platinum LED.

5 Best Products of Platinum LED

What are the best products from Platinum LED? Which should you buy? These are a few questions that will run into your mind. But in this section, we have gathered the top options from Platinum LED.


P150 has been gaining immense popularity for a reason. From power, performance to heat output, it has them all. If you have been using a grow light that does not excel in this department, P150 got you covered.


• It is made in the US. Thus, you can be sure it is developed in a way that reaches the industry’s highest standards and the best practices.
• Available at a price that you can afford
• There is no prior experience needed as it is easy to operate.
• Every package consists of a hanger, power cord, and other accessories.
• It is durable and can last for years.
• It features a 12-band spectrum.


• The cord is too short.
• The coverage is not as reliable as the competition.


It is tempting to buy the cheapest LED grow lights. But it is always ideal and cost-effective to purchase something that provides a great value, which is what P4-XML2 is known for. Even if you need to spend an extra amount of money, it is long-lasting, which helps you save some cash.


• It utilized high-end LEDs designed to produce greater lumen/PAR output per watt than the competition.
• Each of the four integrated arrays features two LEDs for your convenience.
• It has a proven 12 band spectral output that can play a critical role in the continuous and quick growth of your plants.
• Its coverage area is large, thanks to the cutting-edge lens technology that the company uses.


• The design is too simple.
• It is costly, but its value is on a different level.


Who says there is nothing that can beat an average HPS system? This is where P9-XML2 is trusted. It only consumes 50% lower energy and generates 80% less heat. For that reason, large yields and low electric bills have been associated with its name for years now.


• It has one of the highest lumen/par output per watt in today’s market. That means you can get and experience an intensity that is two times greater than the rest.
• Built with switches for boost control, vegging, and flowering. So, there is no need to buy different lighting equipment.
• It is considered a complete package. 1000w HPS replacement is included in the package.
• It offers flexible plant growth choices.


• The hangers can be bought separately.
• You need to use another reflective surface around the lights or on your walls.


Who wants to invest in less powerful LED grow lights? No one would love that, especially when there are incredible alternatives like the G720 from Platinum LED. It has a 14 band spectrum that ensures good yields without high utility costs.


• An excellent alternative to traditional 1000w HPS grow lights
• It only consumes around 422w of actual power, making it energy efficient.
• Able to provide your plants with usable light, taking photosynthetic responses to the next level.
• It provides dual light spectrums to maximize the flowering stage or the vegetative growth.
• It is sturdy and can withstand the test of time.
• The design is stunning that you can boast to your closest friends.


Not a perfect choice for those who are on a budget


Have you been looking for a sturdy and effective LED grow light without a good result? That’s terrible and frustrating. But you do not need to feel that way. This P300 can make your job less stressful.


• It is available with enough power that your vegetable or other plants would love. This leads to improved growth and yields at the same time.
• The spectral output is superb and can leave you in amazement.
• It is a silent operator that works very smoothly.
• It is suitable for small indoor gardens.


• The coverage is smaller.
• It can cost you an arm or a leg. Yes, it is expensive


Quality? Functionality? Longevity? Style? There is no need to look further than Platinum LED. They have everything you are looking for.

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